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The Wild

One step, two step

Keep on moving

Can’t stay here another day

One step, two step

Follow this road down

‘Til the earth just falls away


Bear down with the weight on my back

And the rocks up under my toes

One step, two step

Keep on moving

Find out where the road will go


There’s a whisper on the night wind

There’s a star agleam to guide us

For the wild is calling, calling

Let us go, Let us go


Mountains marble, forest freeway

Wild winds rage and grow

Fear and freedom, thrive in struggle

Tell me what I need to know

Oh I never felt so alive

Breath deep, breath deep, breath deep

One step, two step

Keep on moving

Feel the earth turn and cleave

I Don't Know

People arguing all day long

Something is missing

Can’t hear one another when it

Simply takes some listening

Feeling so contentious

Why can’t we see?

It’s so easy to feel alright

When we accept a little uncertainty


She wants it her way

And I want it mine

How on earth did we ever learn that

You must, you must be right?

When it really doesn’t matter much

Come the end of the day

And you and me can see who we really are

And love is the way


It has been said you can be happy or right

So what will it be?

I think for now I’ll just let it go

And clean up my own street


So let’s get right with the mystery

And learn to say I don’t know

Sit back and enjoy the ride

Squeeze in, buckle up, and go

Cold Shower

Oh honey I can’t seem to find my way towards the door

I sit here in your house with my head on the floor

Look at the pieces of my life installed among your things

How can I walk out now not knowing what life might bring?


It’s like a cold, cold shower everyday

When I wake and find you gone

It’s like a cold, cold shower everyday

And I know I’m all alone


You left here just like you were gonna come right back

Do I keep on hanging on just in case there’s something that you forgot to pack?

I know too much time has passed since you came on home

But I can’t imagine you’re not out there, can’t imagine you’re truly gone


It’s like a cold, cold shower everyday

When I wake and find you gone

It’s like a cold, cold shower in my way

When I try to move along


The days get hard and I can’t stop thinking of you

So I try to avert my eyes from this new truth

What can I do?

I want to feel better but I don’t

I want to feel better but I won’t

I know I won’t

Listening For Rose

I hear her voice

Rising above the din of the noise in the room

I move in close

Drawn by the pull of a ghost from my youth

There’s something that she knows

That’s why I spend my time Listening for Rose


There was a time

Her voice so sweet and sublime would guide my way

I lost her line

Pride and fear were the crime I had to pay

In pain I stood there froze

I couldn’t see myself

Listening for Rose


Listening for Rose is not an easy thing to do

I have to strain so hard for me to even hear

And when the world is 

Shouting, screaming its demands right in my ear

Her voice still finds a way to my heart


I hear a voice

It whispers the song of life riding the wind

I move in close

The melody’s made of notes from deep within

Oh how did I compose

It moved right through my soul

And comes from spending time

Listening for Rose

Long Way Down

Parked my car in the last place

I knew you’d come looking for me

‘Cause I’m never coming down

I counted all of the miles and men

And measured broken bones

And I’ve never felt so alone


How much of it was me

And how much was you?

How much was genuine

Avoidance of a closer view?


It was a hell of a road to get here

And I know I’m only halfway through

I can’t keep turning around

Gotta move, gotta run,

Gotta catch that sound

But I’ll meet you on the long way down

The long way down


Moving in and out of scenes of feelings Savored before

But I cannot taste anymore

Please forgive me if I fucked up

And strayed too far from the past

But I always thought it would last


How much of this is me

How much is you?

How much is genuine

Avoidance of a closer view?


The long way down

Song 47

Hey, hey take a walk with me

‘Cause I got a little something I want you to see

Saw you in the corner talking to her

But I got a little something better than words


Oh, oh such a lonely night

These boys in here trying to start a fight

Let’s get out of this mess something

And get close in the midnight air


I see you and I can’t stand still

Gotta drink my fill

 I get high

I get low


Hear that guitar play

Makes you wanna stay

In a place like this

Here that beat hiss


Oh, oh can you take me there

I wanna see you will your soul bare

I can tell this life’s been hard on you

I promise a fix if you let me through


I see you and I can’t stand still

Gotta drink my fill

I get high

Saving Mine

Listen I may have done something wrong

Listen baby he had to go

Listen I didn’t want to tell you this way

But I’m getting out of town today


I know you believe

There must’ve been a better way

But I had to make the call

And there was no time to waste

Got a busted lip and a smile on my face

Never again to remain in one place


Riding ‘bout as fast as I can go

Watch my fear drift by out that rear window


Took a life and I’m saving mine

Took a life and I’d hardly call it a crime

I did what I had to do

I’m saving me but I’m killing you


I’m sorry for my sins

I know I never should’ve given in

But as I pull away from that ditch

I said good riddance to that Son of a Bitch

Thank You

Quite a few times in my life

Where I haven’t said it enough

I’ve had thoughts of thanks for so many folks

Who made my rocky road less rough

A smile from a woman at the checkout stand

Or a ride hiking home late at night

A warm embrace from a guy in the cold

Assures me everything’s alright


I want to thank you

Thank you with all my heart

Sing it loud, sing it clear

For each and every part


A guy gets the door at the grocery store

A kid skates by says “whassup"?

So many say we’re so sorry to hear

And that’s got to be enough

Ma does another load of laundry

Sis calls to just say hi

Bub drops by another load of wood

Lucas greets me with a smile




The fact of the matter is

I haven’t come this far on my own

You and me come together as we

With every simple kindness shown


Mother earth with her many gifts

All the kindness and love in your time

Big or small it doesn’t matter at all

It has measured of my life


I want to thank you

Thank you with all my heart

Sing it loud, sing it clear

So everyone can hear

Thank You...

   ...was recorded and mixed at No-Side Recordings in Chico, CA by Jacob Nolen. All music and lyrics written by Doug Sheehy and Meg Sheehy with the exception of an excerpt from “The Call of the Wild” by Robert William Service (The Spell of the Yukon and Other Verses, public domain) featured in “The Wild.” Album photos taken by Laura Kay Tew. 


Special thanks to Jake for the skill and ease with which he helped us lay down these tracks and for his encouragement and friendship. To Laura for taking the photos used for this album, for documenting live performances, and for her overall support in this musical endeavor from the start. To the rest of our family and friends, we love and appreciate you. To each other, what a great ride filled with joy and time well spent.  

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