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                SONG of LAMENT                                                                                                     All I want to sing are sad songs                                            It’s just the way I feel inside

I do my best to keep on movin’

But without you in my life

 I feel so empty, so alone                                                      Can’t get it right now you’re gone                                        No place I go feels like home                                                     And there’s nothing to be done


All I want to hear are heart things

It’s all that matters much to me

The day to day stuff doesn’t get it

It’s not where you would be

I feel so lonely, so brokenhearted                                             Not what I thought life would be                                       How could I know it when I started                             

The pain of love could kill me


All I want to feel is your love

It’s my only hope right now

 They say that Love is eternal

Help me find the way somehow   

 My precious one, my son,  my man                                   You meant so much in my life                                             Can’t fill it up with all that I know                                        Ah, ah, ah to have you by my side     

by my side 



Oh Luke, it's the truth, part of us left with you

Away, gone away, so sad but oh so true

Such a lovely man, doing all he can

To get us ready for rock n' roll

Kept it sweet and mean with spirit so genuine

To Live Like Luke is all heart and soul


Jumpin' the Warners      His Soul to fly

Jumpin' the Warners      The heart of Luke's life

Jumpin' the Warners      Make it sweet and sad

Jumpin' the Warners      FUCK YEA !!!

Our Bro', where'd you go, we need you more today

I'm gone on wind and song, forever to play on play

When you think of me remember to keep it real

Keep on dancing your life away

Work it hard and long, what matters is to get it done

To Love Like Luke is the only way


Never to die an unlived life

Never to be afraid to fly

What will we do without your smile

Jumping it down on a pale ride

Ridin' it hard is his only style

How will we ever say goodbye 


FUCK YEA !!!      FUCK YEA !!!



He started out so young and strong

A mission on his mind

Worked his way up dusty trails

Doin’ hard time on the fire line

Came down here to RDD and rookied

In “09. All could tell he worked  hard as hell to start a long pale ride.

Thinking on that rookie year, he had to pay his dues. When the man called out his name, there’s nothing left to lose. Lightning crash thru western skies, the horn blasts twice today. He’s going to some mountain high, the Alps or to AK CHORUS                                                  

Pale Rider, his spirit and his smile        

Pale Rider, he’s now forever free         

Floating down under a canopy of blue and white. Flying is his destiny.

“Jinete Palido” as he was known down south.

The words of awe and praise flow  freely from their mouths.        

They asked themselves what does he have that most can’t seem to find.    

An iron will to get it done and leave the rest behind.

He rides so fast, his pulse beats slow, he hears White Lightning loud.

He drifts to places most don’t go with

Wild Turkeys proud.

A tree explodes, with a flash it wears a yellow Royal Crown.

From high above, a helpful shove, down through Black Velvet clouds,    


He left that day on Mother Sherp, a fire to engage.

Lightning strike in Warners south, drift smoke across wet sage.

Glidin’ easy, droppin’ smooth, fell hard down to his knees.

Breathing deep the wildflowers and a lonely burning tree.

There he was, the JIC, with two rooks by his side. No greater place to meet his God and leave this world behind.

With him in the mystery is the love of his Bros. Gliding thru eternal skies to the next place that he goes


              TAKE ME HOME

I hear the train whistle blow

And I know it's time to go

For the wolves draw heavy on my heels

The wind it beats at my door

No one will come here no more

No need to see what I've become

And I lost you in the summer

And I will never recover

My Love

I've never felt this kind of cold

Out on this godforsaken road

It seeps right down to my bones

The trail seems to have no end

And it's getting dark once again

And there is no direction for me to go

I just know I can't be here anymore

Because I lost you in the summer

And I will never recover

My Brother

Take me home

Take me home,

Won't you let me please go home

My Brother

My Beloved Brother

                       JUMPIN'  SMOKE

Lately I've been driftin' when I'm all alone

Just want to call you on the telephone

Say come on over, I made way too much to eat

But I can't do that

and the tears roll down my cheeks


I've been cryin' cuz my heart's so broke

Finished off the whiskey and the fire is stoked

The midnight breeze blows such a cold, cold air

Out here on the front lines I know you'll be there

Jumpin' Smoke          Jumpin' Smoke

They say it gets easier,  so far I just can't tell

Since you left us buddy well it hurts like hell

Sometimes in the evening,

me and the boys will grab a beer

In the midst of the laughter feels just like you're still here


Jumpin' Smoke          Jumpin' Smoke

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